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About Land Clearing in Jacksonville

Land clearing is vital for different types of projects, including new residential and commercial developments. The site clearing and preparation process involves several stages. Each stage has a set of essential requirements and potential challenges. ASAP Demolition is prepared to meet all requirements and challenges.

Types of Site Clearing Equipment

The type of equipment used to clear the site depends on the condition of the land. Key considerations that determine the choice of equipment include:

  • The density of the vegetation
  • Terrain
  • Environmental concerns
  • The presence of man-made structures
  • Soil stability
  • Moisture

Considerations for Site Clearing

When it comes to site clearing and preparation, you need to consider a variety of factors. Some of the essential factors that you should think about include leveling uneven surfaces, filling trenches, removing unwanted structures, and excavating.


Leveling & Grading


Filling or Digging Trenches


Removing Unwanted Structures


Excavating and Moving Dirt

Site Clearing Process

Before the clearing preparation begins, you should identify the vegetation and structures that must make way for the new construction. You can preserve some trees and plants that do not hamper the construction project.

Rough staking makes it easier to identify the vegetation and structures our crew needs to remove. The staking entails laying boundaries to determine the size of the target site. As experts in clearing and site preparation, we can map out the property lines accurately. Once the mapping is complete, we set up rough stakes.

The early stages of site clearing and preparation involve removing vegetation. We can either fell trees in whole or cut them in sections. Excavators provide a faster way to uproot bushes, stumps, and smaller trees.

The grubber removes vegetation, including grass, saplings, and bushes. This type of equipment is not ideal for clearing large areas.

Additionally, our team removes any rocks located above and below the ground. Excavators with bucket and hammer attachments make it easier to clear the rocks. In some cases, the site may have debris and refuse. Crews may separate recyclables from the rest of the debris and refuse to ensure that any salvageable items do not reach landfills.

Once the land is cleared, we will bring in additional dirt or remove unnecesary soil to level the property and and grade according to the survey.

Once completed, your land will be ready for construction.

Site Services For All Types of Construction

Starting a building project on an unprepared site can result in serious problems. For instance, the authorities will not issue building permits. Hence, the need to prepare the site properly.

Commercial Clearing

For commercial projects, we use equipment capable of handling high production demands. Wheeled or tracked mulching tractors provide the required horsepower. On the other hand, low ground mulching equipment is useful for sites with swampy or wet conditions.

Track or wheeled carriers, tree shears, deck mowers, mulchers, bulldozers, chippers, grubbers, and excavators can make the task of clearing land easier and faster.

Residential Site Clearance

Site preparation is necessary even in the absence of debris, vegetation, stones, or refuse. Some sites may appear ready for construction projects, but they still require preparation before work begins.

The multi-stage preparation phase involves grading and leveling, stabilization, soil preparation, and land excavation.

When building a extra room, shed, garage, or additional structure, you’ll need the site cleared and prepped for construction.

Site Prep Services

Site clearing is an important process that helps prepare the land for a wide variety of projects. Over the years, we have handled small and large projects that require professional site clearing. These projects cleared the land for new schools, residential developments, new apartments, office parks, industrial buildings, and medical facilities.

Land Clearing

We prepare the site by removing trees, debris, vegetation, soil, and any unwanted structures. The clearing process typically starts with the removal of vegetation.

Our crews clear the undergrowth efficiently and cost-effectively. This process frees up space for heavy equipment and workmen to begin clearing trees and any wanted structures.


Fiberglass pools made in the factory and transported to the site. The bowl-shaped shell is placed in the excavated hole with a crane. Removing these pools is easy. We have the best tools and technologies onboard. Demolition will take a limited time.


Once the trees and structures are removed, we will bring in dirt and equipment to the site to grade the property according to requirements for the construction project.

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