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When that old shed, barn or garage has become an eyesore or a safety hazard, contact ASAP Demolition to get rid of it. We offer fair pricing, safe demo and fast service.

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Garage Demolition and Removal Services

You may find yourself having a structure on your property that you need to be demolished and cleared. There is also an instance where you may have a garage at home that is not structurally fit for use. This may necessitate you to pull it down and replace it with a better one.

From a television point of view, the tearing down of walls may seem fun and risk-free. In reality, even the most minute of mistakes when demolishing a small structure may result in extensive damage to your home. You may create structural integrity issues on your roof, floor, walls, plumbing and even electrical circuitry. Additionally, the job involves handling sharp debris along with encountering dangerously exposed pieces of metal such as nails.

Hire ASAP Demolition, we have the necessary experience, expertise and machinery to get the task done efficiently and within set safety standards.

Storage Sheds

ASAP Demolition is well suited to handle the removal of any old shed. It may seem like a simple task when starting out, but when the time comes to take out the roof and clear the walls or concrete padding is when you will grasp the true magnitude of the job.

Do not waste your time and effort on using standard tools to pull down the shed. With professional help, the deconstruction of your shed can be achieved in a matter of hours. Our efficient shed demolition services will enable you to start on your new landscaping or construction project right on time.

Garages & Attached Buildings

You may have also outgrown its capacity and are seeking to expand it. In both instances, you may be required to either partially or entirely demolish it.

If you happen to have a commercial or residential garage that requires removal, consider contacting Acme Demolition for assistance. We provide a safer, more meticulous and affordable alternative for your demolition needs. We only clear what requires removal and leave everything else intact.

Most garages and structures alike are usually connected to nearby buildings such as homes and offices. Our team of experts has the expertise needed to plan and carry out the demolition process without harming your home or surrounding structures.

Rural Barn Demo

Rural setups often have old barns or small homes on their property. These structures usually offer sanctuary to pests and rodents because they are not used and are unoccupied. This, therefore, poses a risk to the property owner’s health and harvest.

Apart from these abandoned structures, there are old or fallen trees, overgrown weeds or shrubs and dumped household or farm items that may be lying around on the farm.

If you intend to have your entire property cleared for proper maintenance or to prep it for something, then simply contact ASAP Demolition as we offer shed and mobile home demo services.

Our Services For Every Need

Regardless of the shape, size and complexity of your garage, we are deftly equipped to take it down. Contact us today if you are seeking to demolish:

• Single Car Garage
• Tandem Garage
• Double Garages
• Attached Garages
• Breezeways
• Detached Garages
• Wood, Metal, or Cement Blocks
• Block and Concrete Garages
• Metal Structured Garages
• Block Carports
• Metal Carports
• And any other garage or storage structure

We are best suited for partial or total garage removal, whether it is at your place of residence or commercial space.

Serving Jacksonville and Surrounding Areas

Chances are good that we have completed work in your part of town already.  We have been offering assistance in the Jacksonville community for over 30 years including Duval County, Clay County, St. Johns County, and Nassau County. We'll work in Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach as well. As licensed and insured professionals, we can handle it all. We also travel all over Florida, so give us a call today.

Orange Park, Fleming Island, Starke FL

We serve the Orange Park, FL area including Argyle, Fleming Island, Keystone Heights, Oakleaf Plantation, and Middleburg.

St. Augustine, FL and Surrounding Areas

We serve the Saint Augustine, FL area including Saint Johns, World Golf Village, Nocatee, and Vilano Beach.

Yulee FL, Amelia Island, and Fernandina Beach, FL

We serve the Yulee area including Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Tiger Island, and more.

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