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When planning to tear down an old residential building, you need to enlist the services of an experienced demolition company in Jacksonville FL. ASAP is an ideal service provider and we are fully insured and licensed.

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Demolish Houses and Homes

Our professional demolition service crews are well-trained and use the best equipment for the job. You can count on us to get the job done right and safely. Furthermore, we eliminate the need to worry about hauling.

We remove the piles of debris from your property during the demolition to keep the site safe. The expeditious removal of debris enables you to begin working on the site for construction or other projects.

As a professional residential demolition contractor, we are eco-conscious. We understand the need to follow specific rules to avoid compromising your ability to receive relevant certification. One of the key considerations when demolishing old buildings is sorting debris for recycling. Doing so helps keep the site environmentally friendly.

Swimming Pool Demolition and Fill-In

The demolition of a swimming pool requires proper planning and the use of professional equipment. The project involves breaking down the entire structure into small bits. We handle the work as efficiently as possible to ensure a quick turnaround. When the demolition process is complete, we fill the pit with gravel and dirt.

Proper filling of the pit makes it easier for you to begin landscaping the area or erecting new structures. In some cases, we handle the job as a partial demolition project by knocking down some parts of the pool. This type of demolition work allows you to renovate or implement other development work.

To start the project, you need to take advantage of comprehensive residential demolition contractor services. The work also entails the proper resurfacing of the demolition area. Professional leveling of the area enables you to use the space for landscaping or development.

Our Other Services

In addition to demolishing the entire house, we offer partial demolition services for the interior and exterior of the house.

House Demolition

When it comes to house demolitions, we can employ various methods to achieve the right results. Mechanical demolition involves the use of a hydraulic excavator or other heavy equipment to tear down the building. We proceed to haul the debris using a dumpster or trailer. This approach is cost-effective and faster.

Mobile Home Demolition

As a licensed residential demolition contractor, we handle mobile home removals using large construction equipment. Depending on your specific needs, our team can minimize debris and maximize the recycling of building materials. The demolition of a mobile home requires a city permit and the best part is that we can handle the application process on your behalf.

Garage Demo

You can count on our demolition crew to help you cost-effectively remove the garage. We follow standard demolition, recycling, hauling, and disposal procedures. Whether you have a detached or attached garage, we can remove the structure using heavy equipment.

ShedS & Storage

We handle shed demolition jobs cost-effectively without compromising on the quality of work. Our crew can assist you to remove the contents of the shed before tearing down and hauling the debris for disposal. Hiring us for the demolition eliminates the need to worry about safety issues or hiring equipment to handle the work.

Carport Demo

Our crew can safely dismantle your carport to make way for new structures or a landscaping project. Proper site clearance allows you to maximize usage of the demolition area. Our service also covers hauling, sorting of materials, and disposal.

Patio Removal

When it comes to patio demolition, our crews use specialized equipment and safety gear. In turn, we provide a faster and more convenient way to remove a patio from your property.

Driveway Removal

You can rely on our team for efficient driveway removal thanks to many years of experience. We use heavy equipment to rip the driveway from your property and haul the debris.

Tree Debris Hauling

When it comes to tree debris hauling, we use heavy trucks to take the materials for proper disposal according to city regulations.

Kitchen Demo

Our crew can safely deconstruct your kitchen for remodeling or renovation.  It takes skill and experience to dismantle the most important and functional room in the house while the home is still occupied.  We’ll get in and out as quickly and safely as possible to make room for the new kitchen installation. 

Bathroom Tearout

When it comes to bathroom demolition, our crews use specialized equipment to remove the bathtub, shower, sink, fixtures and flooring. We provide a faster and more convenient way to remove a old bathroom from your property so that the new fixtures and decor can be installed.

Partial Demolition

You can rely on our team for efficient partial demo of walls, rooms, doorways, flooring, etc.  We use heavy equipment if necessary and we also have crews to deconstruct the area if needed. We’ll hau away all debris and make sure to keep the work area clean and safe.

Interior Demolition

When it comes to interior demolition, we are equipped and licensed to handle many different circumstances.  We can complete a selective demolition due to water damage, asbestos, mold or just a standard remodel. We’ve seen just about everything and we are up to the task.

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Chances are good that we have completed work in your part of town already.  We have been offering assistance in the Jacksonville community for over 30 years including Duval County, Clay County, St. Johns County, and Nassau County. We'll work in Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach as well. As licensed and insured professionals, we can handle it all. We also travel all over Florida, so give us a call today.

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We serve the Orange Park, FL area including Argyle, Fleming Island, Keystone Heights, Oakleaf Plantation, and Middleburg.

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We serve the Saint Augustine, FL area including Saint Johns, World Golf Village, Nocatee, and Vilano Beach.

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