The Jacksonville Landing has been a significant landmark in the city for decades.  It has been home to restaurants, shops, bars and festivals for many years.  Many downtown workers relied on the food court for affordable lunch choices withnin walking distances of their offices in the Jax Chamber of Commerce, the Bank of America building and the Omni Jacksonville Hotel.
The Jacksonville Landing’s demolition was mostly complete in early 2020 leaving a large desirable has been a significant landmark in the city for decades.  The demolition did not involve explosives and the structure was deconstructed to minimize disruption to the surrounding buildings and traffic patterns. Interior demolition started in October of 2019 and the building exterior demolition began in November of 2019.

The Jacksonville City Council has approved $15 million to take control of the long term lease for the property.  Concept drawings show that the land will be used to add back some park and garden areas to the downtown area as well as a couple of new business building.  The city of Jacksonville officials have not released details about who will utilize the office space.

Scenic view along the St. Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville, FL

The project was a high-profile project in Jacksonville and residents are still curious as to how it will turn out.

As long-time residents of Jacksonville, ASAP Demolition is always interested in efforts to beautify the city and we are eager to be a part of your construction projects.  Call on us for any demolition needs.

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