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ASAP Demolition is the right choice for an interior demolition company in Jacksonville.  We’ll assist with your commercial and residential remodeling tear outs. 

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Areas of Selective Demolition

The type of equipment used to clear the building depends on the extent of the demolition and the area of the building that will be torn down.  Some areas that may be impacted are:

  • facades
  • roofs
  • stairways
  • awnings
  • store fronts
  • offices
  • interior partitions
  • ceilings
  • mezzanines
  • balconies
  • walkways, sidewalks, and courtyards

Considerations for Interior Demolition

Selective demolition is an ideal solution if you want to improve or alter a building without completely tearing it down. Using the most advanced demolition techniques, we provide green solutions for commercial selective demolition projects. We approach each project with safety and attention to detail.

• Selective demolition maximizes efficiency and reduces waste.

• Building owners often seek selective demolition when they want to convert a space, add an extension, update a structure’s interior, or improve the building’s health.

All Types of Deconstruction

We train our staff to understand the dynamics of working in buildings and active office spaces. Our main goal is sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

We prioritize green demolition practices. We give careful consideration to adjacent structures and active operations. Our specialists always analyze and safely prepare structures for demolition.

Common Industries for Selective Demolition

  • Retail
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants & Drinking Establishments
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Stadiums & Sports Facilities
  • Educational
  • Medical and hospitals
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • City, State, and Federal Government Facilities
  • Churches and Annexes
  • Storage Structures
  • Garages and Parking Decks
  • Automotive Repair Shops
  • TV and Radio Stations
  • Casinos, Clubs & other Entertainment Areas

Our Interior Demolition Process

Selective demolition can be done on everything from small residential units to large commercial buildings. Irrespective of the size of the structure, the same steps of selective demolition apply. ASAP Demolition is prepared for your call.

Our process involves the following steps:

1. Information Gathering & Survey

Selective demolition starts with information gathering. After learning about a client’s goals, our demolition specialists will survey and identify materials that are hazardous, recyclable, and salvageable. During this step, our specialists will also review permits and drawings.

2. Code Review

Each municipality has its unique building codes. Our specialists will gather information about codes that might affect a project such as maximum building height, accessibility, allowable floor areas, and noise levels among others.

3. Cut & Cap

A building slotted for selective demolition is still a live building. Therefore, the main operative functions of the building need to be “cut and capped.”

This step facilitates the safety of the project and prepares materials for removal and recycling. Cut and cap will involve cutting power, turning off HVAC systems, capping pipes, installing supporting bracing, and installing temporary lighting systems.

4. Building Preparation

After learning about a client’s goals, securing the required permits, and learning about the details of a building, our specialists will prepare a building. This step involves protecting components a client wishes to keep and removing nonstructural materials such as windows, beams, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and furniture.

We will separate building materials, allowing a client to recycle, reuse, or resell them. This diverts waste from landfills and also helps in offsetting project costs if a client reuses or resells the materials.

5. Strip to Shell

Our contractors will dismantle the mechanical, electrical, and architectural elements of the target structure, which leaves you with the shell.

• Demolition projects have a large quantity of debris. We use special equipment in our commercial selective demolition projects to reduce waste.

• As our demolition contractors disassemble a target structure, they sort the building materials into different piles for recycling, disposal, or delivery.

• Concrete crushers are used to convert concrete into gravel that can be recycled or reused.

• Powerful magnets separate scrap metal that can be sold.

After our contractors strip the structure, all that remains is a shell that is ready for remediation, remodeling, or an extension.

6. Shore Up the Structure

Once a structure has been stripped down, our selective demolition team will ‘shore up’ the structure, bolstering the shell.

At this point, the selective demolition process is complete. Key elements are repurposed, recycled, or sold. Non-recyclable materials are sent to the landfill.

Additional Services

  • Stripping out a building
  • Preparing a building for a new floor
  • Removing airport control towers
  • Altering a building so that it serves a different purpose such as turning an old factory into an office building
  • Re-proportioning existing structures
  • Roof removals
  • Preparing a building for an extension
  • Preparing a building for structural modifications
  • Removing stairwells
  • Equipment and component removals

Why Choose ASAP Demolition?

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Chances are good that we have completed work in your part of town already.  We have been offering assistance in the Jacksonville community for over 30 years including Duval County, Clay County, St. Johns County, and Nassau County. We'll work in Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach as well. As licensed and insured professionals, we can handle it all. We also travel all over Florida, so give us a call today.

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